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Interoperability Points - A Way to Make Surveying for the Public Interest Less Boring​

Contributor point system based on usefulness to data scientists and interoperability with earlier surveys.

(Heads up: If you don’t have good protection yet, this is far from the fastest way to find your ideal mask.)

50 point pack "Full House" (2XCrash2.5 + 2X OSHA_withGrimaceStored)

25 point pack criteria (2XC2.5 + 1 OSHA_withGrimaceStored)

20 point pack criteria (2xC2.5)

15 point pack criteria (1XC2.5 + 2xOSHA_withGrimaceStored)

12 point - 1XCrash2.5 and 1XOSHA_withGrimaceStored 

10 point pack criteria (2xOSHA_withGrimaceStored)

5 points (1xCrash2.5)

2 points (1xOSHA_withGrimaceStored)

0.6 points (1x Crash2.5short)

To get combo points, tests have to be on the same mask, by same person, 
in the same initial configuration(no tension adjustment for disposables). For combos, the particle 
types can vary but consistent particle sources are preferred. Ambient air is fine. 
After each test, the respirator is fully removed from the head for a few seconds 
and donned again. The tubing is not changed. Points combos don't necessarily have to be from the 
same day, just the same tester. (If you have 25 points from 2 crash tests and an OSHA, and later do
another OSHA on the same mask, this doubles the interoperability points for that mask to 50.

Once you get a Full House combo pack for a mask model, the points for each additional test follow non-combo rules again.
(5 for each C2.5 and 2 for each OSHA.)

Not implemented yet:

Unconnected sample port to ambient port check - 15pts per start of session entry(same date entry) (only if  
at least one respirator is tested the same day - you can't rack up 
points just by running the machine unconnected) 
Controls Mask Low Bound(such as R1S1) - Crash2.5 - 15 points for one test
Controls Mask Medium bound(such as U5Y9) - Crash2.5 - 15 points points for one test
Zero Check MAX FF check - 6 minutes - 20 points

Post test session UNCONNECTED - 30 points

2024-04-19 - Interoperability points system posted

2024-04-29 - extra 100 point bonus for testing rare, historical respirators that have FTtP ID numbers. 

2024-04-29 - doff/redon instruction added for combo packs to be more interoperable with Newcomb 2007

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