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ResTestThePlanet is an independent scientific body committed to rigorously testing respirator durability and performance.

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to make informed choices for personal protection by providing reliable, accessible data on motion resilience of specific respirator models. 

A complementary mission is to encourage the widespread adoption of condensing particle counters outside the historical use cases of quantitative fit testing(QNFT), into makerspaces, classrooms, and integration into buildings and products. This ownership further enables the crowdsourcing of larger datasets over longer periods of time - a window into multi-hour QNFT dynamics that provides the closest possible estimate of actual protection.

We place an emphasis on methods and technology that ensure adequate jaw motion on the spoken portion of conventional QNFT exercises. This has historically been a major source of potential score inflation and overpromising in QNFT conventions.

Regardless of our preference for Crash2.5 protocol data, we gladly aggregate data from non-measured jaw motion QNFT protocols such as OSHA, CSA, and ISO.

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